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Hi! I’m Steve and I an a Web Designer!

Small business is the lifeblood of the American economy. You would think that, given the importance of small business to the economy, that it would be easier to start, build and grow your business. Unfortunately that is not the case. In these times you have to not only serve your customers, your staff, and your own family but you have to take an insane amount of time to keep growing your business both in person and online. 

That’s where I come in.

I have worked in small businesses all of my life as management, staff and ownership. I love not only the challenge of a small business but the opportunity it provides. That’s the experience that I can bring to you. While my direct experience has been the technology and charity organization fields, the principles are the same when it comes to your presence on the web. Get your brand out there and convert those views into sales. Sounds simple, right? Well…it’s not! It’s one of the hardest things for a small business to deal with. 

My own experiences in business has taught me a lot.

I grew up in Ft. Worth, Tx but at the age of 21 I decided to make the move to Western New York. It was there that my love of working for and with small businesses was born. During my time there I was General Manager for Froggernet Internet Services/North American Communications. I came on as the second employee of the fledgling company and we grew that business into a multi million dollar internet service. That’s also when I learned the value of your presence online and built my first of many websites. Shortly after I left, I decided to do my own start up company, Double Click Technologies which focused on the hardware side of the computer industry. I opened a retail store and we did tons of online sales. That also led to me doing many more websites. I sold that business which led me to my next adventure as Business Administrator for Central Christian Academy. This was a passion project for me as this school was attached to the church I attended and was in desperate need of help on the business and financial side. It had been neglected for years. So I undertook that project and we got everything straightened out and working properly (not nearly as easy a task as you might expect) in short order. It was at this point my wife and I decided to move our family back to Texas. A good friend of mine had just opened a BBQ restaurant. He knew all my experience in BBQ both as an award winning competitor and caterer and asked me to come aboard, which I gladly did. Over three years we grew that business and expanded 5 different times with current growth going through the roof.

Why am I telling you all this? Just to show you that I have been there and I understand the struggles. And that I can, and would love to help. Small business is my passion and everything that comes with that. The hard work, the struggle, the relationships, the satisfaction. All of it. That is why I decided to start freelancing. To be free of any corporate or agency restrictions in helping and building that relationship with my clients. 

If you have a need foe web design, web hosting, SEO services, or software training for your staff, I would love the opportunity to talk with you and discuss ways that I might be a able to serve your business.

With the wife at home
Cooking at the World Championship of BBQ
Throwing a funky groove.

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